The Dibblet Diner

The Dibblet Diner
Posted on 03/28/2019

Moss-Nuckols Elementary School Special Education teacher Stacey Dibble is drawing rave reviews for a new program she and her staff developed this year called “The Dibblet Diner.”

As part of the diner, Dibble’s students take order requests from members of the MNES staff. Then, they all collaborate and work together to create the meals! The menu item for March 28th was pizza muffins!

After the orders are done, the students deliver them to the MNES staff. The Dibblet Diner has been open for business since October 2018, and students have catered to every department in the building! The diner helps the students develop critical life skills, and teachers have also seen a boost in their academic productivity!

People tell me the kids are flourishing, and it’s because we want them to succeed so we find things they want to succeed in. Even though we’re cooking, we’re doing the reading skills, the math skills, we’re incorporating the writing skills and everything into it, so the kids are going above and beyond. Someone looked at our reading levels the other day and said ‘Hey Dibble, how are you doing that?’ I said it’s because we’re making everything so functional because we want these kids to be successful later on. Starting that groundwork now has been very important.”

Even more importantly, Dibble says the diner helps the students develop confidence and build friendships with everyone at the school!

The kids are now out and about delivering, and the other kids are saying we want to do that with them. It’s helped bring our kids out of their shells, but it’s also brought other kids in who want to get to know our kids. So now, you’ll see kids going down the hallway talking to our kids going ‘Hey what’s going on!’ So it’s pretty exciting that we’re bringing that out in our babies, our Dibblets.

FANTASTIC job to all of the “Dibblets” at The Dibblet Diner!

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