Welcome to Mrs. Waldron's fifth grade classroom!

Educational Background: Education has always been my passion since I was a young girl who would make my family sit on the couch while I taught from my blackboard. I was a strict teacher then, so my mom says, and I believe that I succeed in holding my students to high expectations now. I graduated from Radford University in 2004 and have taught the fifth grade ever since. I began my career in Chesterfield County at C.C.Wells Elementary in Chester, VA. My husband, Jonathan Waldron, secured a job in Charlottesville, and I've been proudly teaching in Louisa County for the past five years. My love of educating our future and instilling a love of learning within our youth has never faultered. Currently, I teach math and reading which aids to keeping both sides of my brain working at all times :).

Educational Philosophy: I believe in creating a safe and nuturing environment for all students to be able to be themselves in a family like environment. I don't believe that we live in a "one size fits all" world, and instruction should mirror that thought so that each student strives for their personal academic excellence on a daily basis. I expect a lot of myself, my students, their parents, and our school as we are a team cultivating our future. Teaching is not solely about curriculum content, but about assisting in the growth of the whole child- behaviorally, socially, and academically. However, the academic curriculum, particularly in elementary education, is vitally fundamental and necessary; therefore should be held with the utmost importance.

Teacher Characteristics: I am a playful teacher who laughs every day. Who says you can't enjoy doing what is necessary?! My students would describe me as energetic, funny, enthusiastic, fair, and someone with high (yet attainable) expectations. My pet peeve is whining and it is frowned upon within my classroom. Students and teachers alike are more shocked that I am fun-loving but run a tight ship. If you are in my classroom, be prepared to work, laugh, feel comfortable, grow, and be the best that you can be on a consistent basis.

Personal loves and vices:

  • My family- My mom ("Momma Jane" to my students), my sister ("Mrs Beito"), and my husband, as well as my extended family and in laws.
  • Reading- I know, trite but true that a teacher likes to read, but I do! To be lost in a chosen book can be the most entertaining vice of life. The mere idea of a library- a place where I can "borrow" items of entertainment- is appealing!
  • Quotes- Reading them, finding them, discussing them, and living them.
  • Being outside in the Spring/Fall- Camping, hiking, or reading in a hammock.
  • Stationary/Cards- I enjoy writing friends notes throughout the year in the snail mail, a lost art.
  • Candles- I love that during the school year I have a nice stock of candles from my students, and in the summer....my house smells like dogs.
  • My pets- Dogs: Rooster and Bobby; Cats: Romeo, Hank, Mya, Lato; Turtles: Lickety Split, Tiny Tim, and Little Ann.
  • Sharpies and Post its- Every teacher is different, but the common joke is that I cherish post its and sharpies too much. There is a lot that can be learned by using just those two items!
  • USA- Our country and those that serve have a special place in my heart. The National Anthem moves me to tears every time.
  • Food- Over the years I question what families may say about me as their children bring Mrs. Waldron delicious treats from grandma's mac-n-cheese to homemade breads. Be it that being at my mom's, inlaws, or grandmas's house is a small drive, homemade food feeds my soul...and obviously my hunger.

Please feel free to contact me at waldrojc@lcps.k12.va.us anytime! I can't wait for this new year of lessons taught and learned by all. It shall be a successful year!


Mrs. Conner Waldron