Dear LCPS Family:

Week # 19 marks a new decade, a new year, and a new semester for LCPS - an opportunity for new beginnings .  With a focus on beginnings, the classroom visits slideshow features pictures from the beginning levels of our schools - preschoolers at the elementary schools, 6th graders at LCMS, and 9th graders at LCHS.  Classroom visits with preschoolers are not predictable, except for the fact that you are sure to smile. Our youngest students are so cute and they love to talk. You will see pictures of preschoolers using a smart board, enjoying a new food - Italian ice - for lunch, listening to a story, measuring beans and rice, and even taking naps. Thanks to all of the staff who work with them as they are getting off to an excellent start in their educational journey. In sixth and ninth grade classrooms, students were clearly back to the business of learning. It appears that they are actually glad to be back in school. Thanks also to the staff who serve those students at the transitional levels of 6th and 9th grades. Times of transition can be stressful and we are proud that our students are transitioning and achieving quite well because of your efforts.

 It was most encouraging to hear from principals that most of our students have returned from winter break with a positive, serious attitude and ready to focus on their work.  Teachers have reported that students did not lose ground while on break and that they are moving ahead in the curriculum and needing little review. This can be attributed to the high level of learning that is occurring in our classrooms each day, which comes from your creative and effective teaching. Please use this time of "new beginnings" to renew your commitment to high quality instruction that addresses the needs of each student.  Perhaps you will find a new strategy or a new resource that will enhance your lessons. Please share your successes with your colleagues and with me.  Together we are making a difference for LCPS students!

Pictured below is Lola Richardson who retired on December 31 after serving 25.5 years with LCPS and more than 35 years as an educator.  As she begins a new stage of her life, we wish her the best and express our thanks for her service to LCPS.Keep learning and connecting. Stay healthy.Happy New Year!

Welcome to the second half of the 2010-11 school year!



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