Dear LCPS Family:

Week # 22 brings us to the end of January and the anticipation of another winter storm. As superintendent, I love a forecast for snow that begins on a Friday night as there is no school closing to consider for a couple of days!! Please enjoy that snow and be safe if you travel.

My word of encouragement to you this week comes from a commentary I read about “pacing”. Many of you who run marathons may know that pace is the key to running a successful race. Did you know that elite runners have pacers who run alongside them to help them keep at their desired pace? In preparation for the race, they have established their desired final finish time and set benchmarks they must reach along the way. As they proceed through the race, they adjust their pace as needed in relation to reaching the goal. Sound familiar?

We are just past the mid-point of the school year. Are you checking your pace? Yes, we have pacing guides for our curriculum in all areas. That’s the first place to check. But go a step further and involve your students in checking their pace. Make them aware of the goals at the finish line and involve them in monitoring their own pace in reaching them. Consider your own personal goals for this year. Have you kept up with your professional development goals for the year? Perhaps you could enlist the help of a colleague to keep pace with your goals. We are elite marathoners who do not race alone; we are carrying our students on our shoulders. Support is as critical as pacing. Yes, at times we all feel out of breath and believe that we will never reach our goals, but there is also the concept of the “second wind”. Take that deep breath, check your pace, reach out for help, and GO FOR THE GOAL!!!!

Thursday night’s Spelling Bee was a highlight of the week, with all the excitement and tension involved in that competition which is as challenging as a marathon. Standing alone in front of a crowd and spelling a word that you may have never heard before is daunting. We watched our 3rd – 8th grade level winners compete with focus and determination. Congratulations to the winner, Erika Wright, JES 5th grader. She will represent Louisa County at the state level Spelling Bee in Richmond in March.

We continue to work on the budget, considering your recommendations for savings and awaiting further information from the state. Thank you for your input. Keep your ideas coming. With regard to moving TJES to MNES, the School Board is holding “town hall” type meetings to allow parents an opportunity to discuss the concept. They will be held at 7:00 pm at TES on Feb 3 and TJES on Feb 4.

Stay healthy, turn off your computers and lights, and keep connecting!!!!