Dear LCPS Family:

Week #15 ½ brings Thanksgiving and a time for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation with family and friends. It is amazing that we have only 3 weeks left in the first semester! As we approach the half-year mark, please continue to connect with your students, their parents, and each other which will enhance student learning, our number one priority.

Evidence of the power of connections is revealed in the following comments from a parent who was the winner of the October Louisa Connects contest:

I received a very nice message from my son's science teacher advising me that he had gotten 100 on a quiz and that she wanted to let me know how great that was and how proud she was of my son. I told my son about the message and that I was very proud of him and to keep up the good work. I can not thank the teachers enough in just words for what they do and their caring attitude towards their students.

You really are making a DIFFERENCE!!!!!

Now for a little fun…….

Here’s some trivia I gleaned from the magazine Real Simple. You might like to share them at a gathering this weekend:

At maturity a turkey has 3500 feathers.
Americans gobble up 690 million pounds of turkey each Thanksgiving.
It took 101 days for the Pilgrims to sail from Southampton, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. Today it takes 7.25 hours to fly from London to Boston!
Happy 40th birthday to Sesame Street which premiered on November 10, 1969.

I am thankful

……that I work and live in Louisa County.

……that we put students first in all that we do.

……that you are always looking for a way to reach each student.

……that we are a Learners’ Community that Connects!!!!!!!!!

During the break, be thankful, have fun, play and rest.