Dear LCPS Family:

Week #12 means that one-third of our school year is over! Fall has continued to delight us with a riot of color. I am also delighted that our cheerleaders and their coach, Jessica McCreary, won the district cheerleading championship! I am not surprised as their performance demonstrates athleticism and poise. Actually, it scared me a bit when I first saw them perform a pyramid and then "drop" the top girls, but they execute it well and obviously have practiced a great deal. They do a fantastic job of keeping the crowd going at games, regardless of the score or the weather. Congratulations!!!

Another girls' sport I attended this week was volleyball. I had to reminisce a moment in the Annex Gym because that was our gym when I played basketball as an LCHS student. It used to seem quite large, but our perspective changes with time. Anyway, our volleyball team impressed me also with their athleticism and stamina. Volleyball can be physically demanding (and painful) as I watched our girls dive onto that hard wooden floor to reach a ball and get up without a grimace. They must have tough hands to hit and serve that ball as fast and hard as they do. Strong, tall, graceful yet fierce is how I would describe those girls of whom we should be quite proud.

During this week, I met with each principal to discuss progress so far this year. I was so impressed by their passion and pride as they spoke about what is happening at our schools. Yes, we face challenges, but YOU are meeting them and refusing to give up. That is how we have become a world-class educational system. It takes a great deal of effort to stay that way, but I know that our entire staff is up to the challenge. THANK YOU!!

At LCPS, we are all about learning, but that doesn't keep us from having a little fun. I was invited by the cafeteria staff at TES to join them as part of the cast of the Wizard of Oz to serve meals on Friday. The cast is pictured below. My dreams of stardom actually never included being a Lollipop Kid, but we must start somewhere. At TES, it was storybook character day with staff and students really getting into the fun. Check their website for more pictures.

Keep learning, stay healthy, and keep connecting! And don't forget to turn your clock BACK!!! That's an extra hour of sleep!!!


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