Dear LCPS Family:

Week # 7 brought the beginning of fall, but it still feels like summer! Thanks to the efforts of School Board members Hal Schaffer and Greg Strickland, the generosity of Dominion Power, and the dedication of the organizations Mended Hearts, Inc. and Health Educators, Inc. LCPS was presented 11 AED's (Automated External Defibrillators) for our schools and buildings on Monday. We are most grateful to receive these important lifesaving devices which will be placed in high traffic areas.

On Tuesday afternoon, the temperature was warm and the crowd enthusiastic as we cheered for our field hockey teams who are making great progress. Wednesday's administrators' workshop ended on a delicious note as we were treated to a tasty dinner prepared by Chef Marquis and door prizes provided by the LCHS horticultural department.

Visiting TES kindergarten classes on Thursday, I learned about patterns as only five year olds can express the concept. What a great job the TES teachers are doing in helping students explore patterns through a variety of hands-on experiences from connecting blocks in a pattern to a "pattern snake". Entering one classroom, I asked the teacher what her group was doing and a student looked directly at me and said, "We are all learning." That sums it up! When several of the teachers introduced me as Dr. Pettit, students would comment as I walked near them that they had already been to the doctor or that they did not feel sick. Trying to explain that I was not a doctor for people who are sick was still met with skepticism based on the looks I received. I love kindergarteners!! Most people think of the school office as a really serious place, but the TES office had a couple of added attractions for teachers during their planning periods and after school - putt putt golf and Wii bowling. Yes, you can bowl in that little hallway of the TES office. How is it that one can get so engrossed in bowling on a TV monitor? From the laughter, it was obvious that each person, including me, enjoyed the fun and games.

Speaking to a group of LCPS retirees on Thursday evening provided me the opportunity to thank those individuals for their contributions, brag on our accomplishments, and to encourage them to join in the Louisa Connects efforts. It was fun to catch up on the lives of many with whom I have worked over the years. Just remember, there is another fun adventure waiting for us once we complete our teaching careers!!

As I recently stood on the roof of LCHS to observe part of the gym wall, I was overwhelmed with the view - the size of our complex and our beautiful grounds are breathtaking. My thoughts immediately went to the individuals inside those buildings and those beyond. YOU are breathtaking. OUR STUDENTS are breathtaking. Our accomplishments are astounding because of YOUR commitment to excellence. THANK YOU for your contributions to the LCPS family.

Keep learning, stay healthy and keep connecting!