Dear LCPS Family:

My message for Week # 3 must begin with an apology for the frustration many of you are facing with technology issues since school began. I have stated before that we tried to change too many things this summer with the best intentions of upgrading our student information system and providing better internet access. There have been numerous roadblocks, some of which are of our own making, and some of which are beyond our control. Please know that we are doing everything possible to make technology work for YOU. I have not lost sight of our main mission at LCPS - teaching and learning. Supporting YOU in that mission is critical. It is most disappointing to me that I cannot give you a timeline as to when everything will be operating smoothly. The elementary schools are faring the worst with internet connectivity; whereas the secondary schools have set-up issues with printers and StarBase. We are currently working with a company that specializes in reviewing network, router and switch issues. To be on the safe side, for the next two weeks, please plan lessons that do not rely on Internet connectivity if you are at the elementary schools. I will certainly advise you when things are resolved.

Week # 3 began with heart-pumping excitement at the TJES gym on Monday morning where we celebrated the new sport court floor. Check out the new floor in the picture below.

Tuesday evening's Business- Parent Roundtable became an informative dialogue among members of the Louisa County Industrial Development Authority, school administrators and parents. The conversation centered around preparing our students for the workforce, especially employment opportunities in Louisa County.

Wednesday evening's Open House at TES enabled me to meet some new parents and touch base with staff as they shared the Trevilians' instructional program with parents. It is most encouraging to talk to teachers and administrators. At each school, there is a passion and enthusiasm for learning.

Thanks again for your patience and persistence. Please stay healthy and connect! Deborah

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